The siddha system of medicine is the oldest medical system in the world. There are 2 ancient system of medicine in India. The Siddha which is flourished in south India, and Ayurveda Prevalent in North India. The word siddha comes from siddhi, which means an object that attain perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha medicine employs a variety of herbs and minerals, as well as animal products. Many chronic diseases considered incurable in western medicine, can be treated successfully with siddha medicine. The unique aspect of this system is that, this form of medicine aims at the immortality of both soul and the body.

The system has developed a rich and unique treasure of drug knowledge in which use of metals and minerals is very much advocated. Some idea about the depth of knowledge the system possesses in the field of mineral, material medical can be formed from the detailed drug classification.

In Siddha system chemistry had been found well developed into a science auxiliary to medicine and alchemy. It was found useful in the preparation of medicine as well as in transmutation of basic metals into gold. The Siddhars were also aware of several alchemical operations divided into several processes such as – calcinations, sublimation, distillation, fusion, separation conjunction or combination.

The Siddha system is capable of treating all types of disease other than emergency cases. In general this system is effective in treating all types of skin problems particularly Psoriasis, Male and Female Infertility, urinary tract infections, Bronchial asthma, Renal calculi, diseases of liver and gastro intestinal tract, general debility, Anemia, Diarrhea and general fevers in addition to arthritis and allergic disorders.

The diagnosis of diseases involve identifying it causes through the examination of pulse, urine, eyes, study of voice, color of body and, tongue and the status of the digestive system. The Siddha System is effective in treating chronic cases of liver, skin diseases especially “Psoriasis”, rheumatic problems, anemia, prostate enlargement, bleeding piles and peptic ulcer, Etc


Ayurveda, meaning Knowledge of Life comprises all aspects of Mankind with respect to Maintenance of Health and  the management of Diseases

  • History 

Ayurveda, the Upaveda of Rigveda, has its origin from Lord Brahma, the creator of this universe. Brahma then imparted the knowledge to his disciple Daksha Prajapati , who passed it on the Aswini Kumaras, the twin Gods , who in turn conferred it to Indra , the King of Gods. Till this time, The knowledge of Ayurveda remained in the divine level.
During Dwapara yuga (After Sathya yuga), humans began to get diseases of mind and body hindering their path to Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (The Four Purusharathas). Following this, The Great Sages assembled at The Himalayas to find a solution to this problem. Sage Bharadwaja was sent to Lord Indra  It was decided that Bharadwaja be deputed with the task of going to heaven and learning to the Divine Science of healing from Indra. This is how the Divine Knowledge of Ayurveda descended to the World as an solution for Human sufferings. Later, Sage Bharadwaja passed the knowledge to Atreya Punarvasu who inturn taught it to his disciples. Agnivesa who was the foremost disciple of Atreya wrote Agnivesa Tantra, this book was later reorganized by his disciple Charaka and became to be known as Charaka Samhita.  

  • Basic Principles

Every human being is unique in terms of mental attitude and physical character. This uniqueness of each individual is determined at the time of  conception according to the physical and meta-physical conditions at that point in time. This is termed as The Prakriti of that person.

This Prakriti is in constant interaction with the outer world according to Seasonal Variations, Regional Variations, Lifestyle Variations and Dietary Variations. When these variations are not counter balancing each other, then those unbalanced variations would cause the increase of their respective doshas beyond normal physiological limits and if left unopposed, they will proceed further in the order of Shad Kriyakalas and give rise to condition that is identified as a disease.

This idea of counter balance such that the net effect being nullified is not something strange, we do observe it in our day to day life in many objects. For example, a piece of iron is static not because all of its atomic components are static, in fact its unpaired electrons are moving randomly in different directions generating a magnetic field trying to move the iron piece in that respective direction. Fortunately, the magnetic field created by the random movement of each unpaired electron is such that each one nullifies the other and hence forth the iron piece apparently seems to be static and remains in the same place where we had kept it.

The Same Iron piece when placed in a strong magnetic field, then the spin of all the unpaired electrons is oriented to a particular direction, which makes the iron piece to move in a particular direction (towards the magnet).

Similarily, when all the majority of the factors are oriented towards a particular dosha (or Panchamaha Bhoota), then we observe the lakshanas of that Dosha or Roga. When the tendencies of the factors are such that, they are opposing one another and getting nullified, we observe an apparent dosha samya avastha (Equilibrium of Doshas) which is considered as Swastha (Healthy state).


 Naturopathy deals with the healing power of nature which is inherently present in human beings also. One has to recognize, respect and promote this vital ability of the human body to maintain and heal itself through various natural remedies.

The Universe is built up of the five basic elements, namely Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All human beings plants, animals and other non living things are constituted by these five elements. These five elements need to be in an equilibrium to maintain good health. Our food habits, day to day activities, environment, etc alters the proportions of the five elements, among which diet plays an important buffering role. The Great Sage Thiruvalluvar has composed the following couplet about medicine –

“ No medicine is needed for our body if
   we are ready to eat the food we need ”

All diseases are basically caused due to what you eat and what you do not. We If we can identify the right food and wrong food, and eat only the right food the human body will never fall prey to any disease. It is only those food items which one has failed to take in his normal life, is later prescribed  in a different form as medicines along with other treatments.


Varmam is Science of life, Originated 5000 years before in Lemuria continent  (Kumari Kandam) . Agathiyar and Bohar had developed this technique. Varmam is a systematic study of vital points on human body. The vital points (varmams) are located on nerves, nerve joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and internal organs. Right or wrong vibration of the vital points (varmams) will either promote or impair health. Varmam’s are rhythmically tuned by varma experts for curing various diseases like nerve disorders, arthritis, back pain, diabetes, spinal problems and etc. Varmam is an Indian art. The original texts about varmalogy are found in Tamil and Malayalam languages in palm leaves and in paper manuscripts.

The varmam manuscripts are available in more than eighty different titles. Before all this present medical system, only the tool used for this therapy are fingers. Varmam points are almost exist on path of this or where it resides for a given time. Varmam can be majorly used to cure diseases, self-defense, Massage, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Kaya Kalpa. Majorly varmam is 108 points mentioned by many books. 12 points in this are called Padu Varmam ( Major Varmam) , Remaining 96 Varmam points are called Thodu Varmam (Touch Varmam or Minor Varmam) , Grouping Varmam Points , Varmam on head and Neck – 25, Varmam on Neck to Navel – 45, Varmam on Navel to Anus – 9, Varmam on Hand – 14, Varmam on Leg – 15, Measurements for Manipulation of Varmam Points are Maathirai (Pressure level),


The main purpose of yoga is to purify the mind and body for higher spiritual purposes by keeping the energy meridians open for an unobstructed movement of life energy (Prana) in the human body. This purification modality, however is also very effectively utilised in the treatment of various present-day ailments. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation.

Yoga has been used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep, and digestion. It has also been used as supplementary therapy for many diverse conditions as diabetes, allergy, obesity, piles, asthma and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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