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For more than 10 years AnnaiTamil Siddha Clinic has been serving the medical field. Dr. T.E. Jayaseelan being the chief Doctor there are also numerous Siddha Doctors and Consultants in the hospital. More than 1000 people were treated in the past for the diseases like Thyroid, Heart Blockage , PCOD, Infertility treatment, Diabetes, Skin Disease, Hypertension, Uterus  Problem, Wheezing , Sinusitis, Piles Treatment, Ulcer, Kidney Stone, Joint Pain, Lumbar Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylosis, Fissure,Hair Loss Treatment, Acid Reflux, Cornfoot, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Chronic Health issues, Poriasis Treatment, Fistula, Cancer, Weight loss/Gain Etc.. and have been leading a normal life since then. The Siddha System of Medicine is one among the foremost of all other medical systems of the world. The other systems are concerned with treatment and preventive aspects only. But Siddha Medicine is the only medical system that is said to bestow immortality.. Siddha System propounded by the Siddhars is a vast and unique system which defines health as a Perfect State of Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Well Being of an individual. We provide treatment through internal and external medications based upon siddha system. Further prevention is controlled by diet counseling, life style modification through Naturopathy principles.


The human body is basically designed with the characteristics of healing by natural medicine. According to that basic theory, we can heal all our health disorders using the natural herbals in our environment. We are hopefully working on the same theory, to utilize the herbals for the treatment process to create a healthy mankind.


·        To create the awareness about the natural treatment methods among people.

·        Our goal is to apply the ancient remedies in their purest form to manage disease, with the help of a combination of herbo-mineral preparations of the highest quality, dietary supplements and external therapies

·        Our aim is to establish system of Siddha not only as an alternative system of healing, also to make the system of siddha to be accessed by the common man as a first line of treatment in tackling health challenges.








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